Tico's brings the authentic flavours of Brazil to the street markets of London.


Our ethical and delicious hot dogs are served with a range of healthy fillings that also deliver a massive hit of flavour together with the unmistakable zing of South American culture. We also offer tasty Tapioca wraps, derived from cassava and naturally gluten free and high in Vitamin B.



Our Mission

We set out to give our customers an authentic taste of Brazil and bring the colour and energy of the Carnival to the London street food scene.

Great tasting food, made with love!


Our Menu

Every Tico’s hot dog is a high quality, high meat content sausage cooked in a thick fresh tomato sauce to a recipe lovingly created by the founder’s mother. This is then served fresh or toasted in a bun with a variety of filling options, topped with melted parmesan cheese and oregano.

Well we’ve just had a MAMMOTH hotdog! Who else has checked out Tico’s at Surrey St Market? ...A huge hotdog with chicken, olives, salsa, peas and various other trimmings can’t hurt can it? Busted!
— Alexander Brady