The Creation of Tico's

Tico's was created by Thiago Gomes, who was brought up just an hour away from the historic port of Porto Seguro in Bahia – the oldest port and settlement in Brazil. Having lived, studied and worked for ten years in London, Thiago recognised that there was nowhere in this country where you could find the traditional Brazilian Salsicha - despite the fact that there are an estimated 150,000 people of Brazilian origin in the capital alone.

In particular, he missed the taste of home: a Salsicha served in the traditional north-east Brazilian way: marinated and served in a thick, fresh tomato sauce, with a selection of wholesome and filling toppings. Neither can you find the ‘toasted hotdog’ - popular among the street vendors of the southern states of Brazil. Thiago decided to recreate the authentic Brazilian hot dog and bring them to the burgeoning London street food scene.  

Our Mission

Every country has its own unique food and drink that express its culture and history. In Brazil, the “Salsicha” is what everyone associates with “Carnival,” music, beach parties and football matches. Tico’s aim to bring the authentic flavour of Brazil to the street markets of London.

We serve salsichas the traditional way, toasted in a bun with traditional Brazilian fillings, topped with melted parmesan cheese and fresh oregano. We set out to give our customers an authentic taste of Brazil and bring colour and the energy of Brazil to the London street food scene.

Well we’ve just had a MAMMOTH hotdog! Who else has checked out Tico’s at Surrey St Market? ...A huge hotdog with chicken, olives, salsa, peas and various other trimmings can’t hurt can it? Busted! #iloveticos
— @livesnotknives